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China Solar Battery factory Product Information With the widespread use of solar photovoltaic power generation systems, as a lead acid solar battery, people are increasingly concerned. It has good deep circulation capacity and good overcharge and overdischarge capacity. This battery adopts special process design and gel electrolyte, which can ensure the long life of the battery. It is suitable for different environmental requirements, such as high altitude, high temperature, low temperature and other different conditions can be used normally. Features The lead acid solar battery is a chemical energy storage device that uses lead and lead dioxide as the negative and positive active substances of the battery, and uses dilute sulfuric acid as the electrolyte. It has the characteristics of high energy conversion efficiency, long cycle life, high terminal voltage, strong safety, high cost performance ratio, and simple installation and maintenance. At present, it is the preferred chemical power supply for various energy storage, emergency power supply, and starting devices. Application Area Lead acid solar battery can be applied to UPS, fire standby power supply, safety protection alarm system, emergency lighting system, intercom system (weak current monitoring), power system, electronic instruments and meters, intelligent transportation communication control room, portable electronic equipment, photographic equipment, solar wind power generation system, mountain flood earthquake early warning wireless broadcasting system, etc. The following is the terminal location of Lead Acid Solar Battery.China Solar Battery factory website:

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